About Us

The role of nutrition in maintaining health and well-being cannot be ignored. But if you’re striving to become a champion, you need to go beyond nutrition. OSN1 helps  people lead a healthier lifestyle and achieve their fitness goals through its range of nutritional and sports supplement products. The ingredients that go into our products are high quality, natural and backed by science! We strongly relate to the athlete in you, and our team of scientists work dedicatedly to bring you products that help you become the best version of yourself.

 Whether you’re a weekend warrior, a fitness fanatic or a professional athlete, you can trust OSN1 to deliver the best-in-class supplements. All our products are formulated following 3 principles: 

  1. Functional benefits
  2. Best in taste
  3. 100% naturally sweetened and flavoured
  • Pure and Raw ingredients
  •  Scientifically formulated
  • Certified & Accredited Brand

OSN1 products are manufactured in a GMP certified facility using the most modern testing equipment. A vertically integrated setup and strict quality control measures ensures that all products are made safely, hygienically and with superior quality.